“Keymen İlaç…”


    Starting its activities in 1973, Keymen İlaç continues to contribute to improving the life quality of individuals with its products aimed at protecting public health and treating diseases.


    With our safe, effective and innovative products and our dynamic, solution-oriented teammates and stakeholders with team spirit are contributing to the protection of public health and the treatment of diseases, and thereby improving the life quality of individuals within the framework of ethical values.


    To be among the companies that steer the pharmaceutical industry, with our principled and innovative perspective.


“Our Values…”

In addition to our core values, we are sure that the following values will always move us up…

Respect for Human and Environment...

While keeping the protection of human health in the foreground, we continue our activities with respect to the environment we live in.


Open to development

For the continuity of our activities, it is part of our existence to follow the developing technology and actualize it.

Compatible with Change...

We perceive change as an opportunity and we continue our development with the awareness that it will prepare us for the future.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. ”

Charles R. Darwin



It takes courage to overcome obstacles and accomplish great things. We bravely follow our ideas with the power of knowledge we have.

Committed to Business...

Regardless of our age and experience, we always go into our business wholeheartedly. We are aware that new discoveries and embellishing the future of humanity is possible with passion.



We never lose the excitement on the first day, we know that this excitement will always keep us dynamic and ensure the continuity of our successes.

“We Are All” Consciousness...

“We are all” with our team and stakeholders, with this understanding we keep our values alive and use the power to benefit everyone.



We create synergies by creating a wealth of our differences, and that is how great work comes out.